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Last Friday, the Treasurer registered the changes to the current Jobkeeper program previously flagged as taking effect from 3 August 2020.

Here is what we now know for sure about these changes to the current Jobkeeper program:

  1. For the final four Jobkeeper fortnights under the current program (3 August 2020 – 27 September 2020), employees previously excluded from Jobkeeper who met the eligibility conditions on 1 July 2020 now qualify for Jobkeeper. Note that this concession only applies to employees and not to business participants.


  1. Any employees who potentially qualify for Jobkeeper under this concession must be provided a Jobkeeper Employee Nomination Notice to complete by no later than Saturday 22 August 2020. The new Nomination Notice issued by the ATO must be used: https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/JobKeeper-payment—employee-nomination-notice/.


  1. Employees or business participants previously enlisted in Jobkeeper now may re-nominate with a new employer (if a permanent employee) so long as the original employment or business participation ceased before 1 July 2020 and the employment with the new employer commenced by 1 July 2020. Employees also can re-nominate with their original employer if they were re-hired before 1 July 2020.

Given these sudden changes, the ATO is allowing employers until 31 August 2020 to ensure that the minimum $1,500 per fortnight is paid to all newly-eligible employees for Jobkeeper fortnights 10 and 11 (3 August 2020 – 30 August 2020).

The other changes previously flagged impacting the extended Jobkeeper program commencing 28 September 2020 are yet to be legislated.

If you need assistance understanding what these changes mean for you, don’t hesitate to call us on 07 3844 5555 to discuss with a Macro team member today.


Date published: 18 August 2020








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