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Australian Business Growth Fund to invest in small businesses

Making the most of the JobMaker Hiring Credit

JobKeeper 2.0 Extension is now Law – What Next for Phase 1?

How Do I Pass the Personal Tax Cuts onto my Employees?

Further Changes to R&D Tax Incentive to Support Australia’s Economic Recovery 

Investing in New Assets for an Immediate Deduction

JobMaker Plan – Temporary Loss Carry-Back to support Cash Flow

When will I receive my tax cut? An update for individuals and investors

Do you still have employees who are on reduced hours or on stand down?

– Action required by 27 September 2020

Superannuation Guarantee is Rising to 12% Over the Next Five Years. What Does This Mean For Your Business?

JobKeeper 2.0 May Not Help Us with Lockdown 2.0 – What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Business

$12 million to Solve National Environmental Challenges 

Early Stage Innovation Companies

The Macro Group Appoints New Director

GO LOCAL FIRST Campaign Supporting Small Businesses

2020 Financial Year End Reminders

Checklist for End of Year Payroll Processes

*UPDATE* Round 2 Of Small Business COVID-19 QLD Goverment Adaptation Grant Program Available Now

The Countdown to 30 June – In 10 Easy Steps

Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty

QLD Land Tax Relief Under COVID-19 Concessions

Small Business Changes for Treasury to Consider to Reboot the Economy – Would These Changes Help Your Small Business?

Confusion over “Casuals”

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program from the Queensland Government 

JobKeeper Part 7 – Service Entities and Various Updates from the ATO & Treasury about JobKeeper

Prepare for “Back to Work” but not “Back to Normal”

JobKeeper Part 6 – Working out Decline in GST Turnover Using the Alternative Test

How the Macro Team is Embracing Our Virtual Office

JobKeeper Part 5 – Important Dates and Notifications required under JobKeeper 

JobKeeper Part 4 – Paying Wages and Superannuation

JobKeeper Part 3 – Working out the Decline in GST Turnover 

Update On Australian Banks: Small Business Assistance Package

Important Update and Actions Required for JobKeeper 

JobKeeper Part 2 – Basic Rules Explained For Business Entities With Self-Employed Owners

JobKeeper Part 1 – Basic​ Rules Explained For Businesses With Employees

Small to Medium Enterprises Commercial Leasing Principles

This is an Important Time for Company Directors of Small Businesses and Charities

US Stimulus Package In Response To COVID-19

Coronavirus Wage Subsidy for Businesses

Relief for Residential and Commercial Tenants

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