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The Macro Group uses The Macro Lens® to view their clients’ business and personal financial matters from an unconventional perspective.

The Macro Lens® is a unique problem-solving capability and commercially-driven process that is only delivered by The Macro Group and ensures you receive innovative long-term strategic planning and practical detail-driven solutions.

Nicole and her team have expertise and experience in a broad range of tax, accounting and business services. They work with their clients in five key areas: Structuring for Growth, Tax & Accounting, International Tax, Forecasting & Planning, and Superannuation.

Structuring for Growth

Strategic business structuring advice, and implementation, to set your business up for maximum success.

For start-ups or established businesses wanting to restructure to maximise potential.

Tax & Accounting

Helping you manage your day-to-day tax and accounting, planning and compliance, armed with the very latest information, allowing you to focus on running other important aspects of your business.

Not just complying with tax law, but planning ahead, so your business and personal finances are as tax effective as they can be.

International Expansion

Working with Australian businesses looking to expand overseas, parent companies with a subsidiary in Australia, and US expats living in Australia.

Making sure you get the right advice from an experienced international tax accountant for your financial operations in a foreign jurisdiction, so don’t end up paying excessive tax or finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Forecasting & Planning

Forecasting your overall position and planning for the future, so you are continually looking forward to where your business is headed.

Financial forecasting to assist in managing your finances.


Help to accumulate and protect wealth for your lifestyle in retirement, in a tax-effective environment.

Self-managed superannuation services to help you efficiently manage where your money is invested.


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